We have an update since our Riding began in August of 2015.

Since then, we have completed several rides to bring awareness to residents of the county on issues that involve our county, the residents, and their own well being within our community. 

We had an election in March 2016, and our new sheriff was elected and will take office in January 2017.  This new Sheriff election has given hope to Jennifer Harris' family in resolving her murder.  There have been so many come forward with information that will be helpful in the investigation to get Justice for Jennifer and her family.

We, as residents, are looking forward to seeing how our new Sheriff will change our county for the better.

13 Years is Long Enough!

Jennifer Harris was a resident of Fannin County and was murdered 13 years ago.  She was a beautiful, vibrant, loving, young lady we have been told.  We unfortunately did not have the great opportunity to know her.  But we have had the pleasure of knowing her father Mr. Harris.  Her killer is still out there and Mr. Harris is seeking justice for her and has been since this has happened.  Cold Justice, the tv show, has shown interest in this case and would like to assist Mr. Harris in finding her killer.  They have requested to help and the first time they requested it, the Fannin County Sheriff denied them access to the case.  Since then a petition has been circulating to put pressure on Fannin County to allow outside resources to help Mr. Harris solve the case of his murdered daughter.  Mr. Harris and Jennifer both deserve to put this at rest and have her killer caught.  Whatever resources that need to be used should be used.  There should be no questions asked and no obstacles to get answers.  If the county cannot afford the resources to do so, they should allow help that have the resources to do so.  Please check out her facebook page Justice for Jennifer Harris and sign the petition for Fannin County to move forward and find justice for Mr. Harris and Jennifer that is long deserved.

The link for her petition is below.  Click the link and sign, you would if it were your daughter, son, mother, brother, or sister so lets help Jennifer!

Sign The Petition for Jennifer