Be Prepared:


Please read the following as preparation for the Ride

All Riders are responsible for their own mule/horse.  We help in any way we can but we must try our best to stay on schedule.  Its important everyone is prepared!

It is also very important that you are riding a mule/horse that is broke broke!  That's not a typo, it's a strong suggestion.  Please remember that we will be riding with several different people and their mules/horses and riding on busy roads.  Please do not bring a green broke mule/horse or one that spooks easily.  We are trying to make this a safe trip and do not want anyone or any mule/horse hurt.

1.  Please have 2 copies of your negative coggins the day of departure...This will need to be given to lead person before unloading your mule/horse for the ride.

* *One copy is to keep on you while riding and the other is being put in a notebook in the lead truck so everyones information is current on their mules/horses in case anyone has any questions about us passing through.  This will save the riders a lot of trouble if we get asked for proof of coggins.

2.  Please have your mule/horse in good enough shape to make the trip.  Short trips will be an average of 15 miles.  Longer, overnight rides, we plan on riding an average of 25 miles per day on overnight trips.  We do not want anyones mule/horse becoming road foundered or getting hurt.  If someone needs to quit before the 25 miles we will be able to trailer a few mules/horses to give them a break.  The second copy will be returned to you at the end of the ride.

3.  Please be prepared if your mule/horse has shoes and one is thrown/needs replaced.  You will need to be prepared financially to have a ferrier come out to you if that is what you choose to do. We will have the tools to remove a shoe with us. 

4. (Overnight Rides) Please be prepared to provide your mule/horse feed.  We will more than likely not try to tote along all the feed/hay necessary but rather have the truck stop at a feed store while the riders are coming along and pick some up.  Please bring a small feed bucket for your horse/mule and we will carry them in the trucks.

5.  Please bring along anything you may need for your mule/horse and of course yourself.  Below are some suggestions:


**Fly Spray for mule/horse

**Off/Repel Spray for yourself

**A saddle bag if you want to carry a drink, phone, or anything else. (no guns or alcohol please)

**Cameras! please share your photos with us! 

**Clothes, etc (We will carry these in the truck of course...please limit to one small bag ex. athletic bag...we have to remember there is several of us going and need to share the space in the trucks for everyone.)....this pertains to overnight rides.

**If you plan to stay with the group overnight, they will be camping wherever we plan to stop for the night.  If so, you will need to bring a sleeping bag/hammock to sleep in.  We will not have room to bring tents for everyone.  We will, however, be near truck stops and a couple people will have motel rooms for showers to be taken.  Be financially prepared if you choose to stay in a motel room at night please.