The Ride

There is always a purpose behind every reason for all actions.  The purpose of our ride is to receive justice.  Our reason is very simple, it is because of an injustice on the part of our very own county we reside in.  This injustice was committed toward us, as well as to many others.  Our action, is to Ride.  It’s to Ride for those who can’t; it’s to ride for those who seek justice, and it’s to ride for all of those wronged in court and wind up strapped with a so called plea agreements because they have no other option in order to get home to take care of their families.  It’s for those without the knowledge or means to fight; and for those whose families are torn apart inside of court rooms due to false allegations.  We are welcoming anyone to join us along the way or join us in Austin when we arrive.  We will post a definite date soon.  Ride a horse, mule, bicycle, motorcycle, car or truck! We don’t care how you join us, just join us! 

If the people of the United States don’t start standing together the injustices will continue.  When the strong step aside, it’s the weak that take their place.  The strong must stand for something or stand for nothing at all.

There has to be a point where the people join together to fight to keep their constitutional rights and their freedom!


Planning To Ride?

If you plan on riding please email us on the contact page of this website and let us know.  We want to make sure we have enough trailer space for all the mules/horses that plan on going the entire way. 

For those of you who wish to ride part of the way, join us at any time and any place.  You will be able to contact us through this website or our facebook page if you have any questions.