Our Purpose

Riding4Justice is just what it says, Riding for Justice. We started this ride in August 2015 because we had so many people who have been wronged by our justice system. At the same time, there have been elected officials as well as officers, lawyers, and some others still using the "Good Ole Boy" system. 

There have been unsolved murders, dismissed murders and missing persons, tampering with evidence within investigations, and just plain lack of investigating on cases including murder.  Covering up for someone, brushing off a murder, or tampering with evidence should never be tolerated especially when there is proof of such.  Things such as these should not be happening within our justice system anywhere in our nation.

There are also so many people who have been wronged in so many ways through our justice system because of the corruption that lies between the officials of the court and the loop holes and traps that lie within the statutes and laws.  Nobody reads the thousands of statutes and laws that we have in Texas, much less the entire nation, because we are not lawyers! If we all read and knew every law and loop hole then there would be no need to hire one.  On the otherhand, you have some attorneys who are just as corrupt as the justice system itself in places.  Now, we are not referring to every city or town in Texas, just a few that we know the facts and have proof about.  And of course there are those we don't know about unless the people come forward and let it be known.  We all need it to be known in order to fix it.  There are so many people who cannot and do not have the means to fight their battle, especially the wrongly accused, and give in just to make it home to be with their family.  YES! Believe it or not, there are plenty wrongfully accused out there that just take what the state offers them in order to just go home to their families.  We are riding for us, for them, and for everyone to take a stand on the injustice in our state, our laws, our country in order to have a great state and country to live in again. 

So, Saddle Up and Let's Go To Austin, take a stand, and make changes happen in order to make a difference in the place where we want our children to grow up and lead successful lives!